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Program Mission

  • To prepare athletes for Athletic Success in their chosen sport

  • Build coordination, balance, strength and explosiveness athletes need to succeed in their sport.

  • Improve speed and agility

  • Prevent injury by strengthening athletes for contact, fast play and the rigors of the game

  • Develop Aerobic and Anaerobic Stamina/Training

  • Learn training techniques to build on foundations developed in class.

What To Expect!

During each session, time will be spent learning every component of the movement and we will focus on proper positioning and form. These movements will also be incorporated into the workout of the day and will always include strength and conditioning components. Workouts are developed to help teammates work together, encourage each other and bond outside of practice and competition. We build STRONG teams both mentally and physically for the individual units and the team as a whole.

Why Us?

At CrossFit Clan (CFC) Performance Center we foster a strong sense of community and family (Clan is Gaelic for family), where like-minded people come together to be the best that they can be and have fun doing it.

There are four main aspects that make Crossfit Clan unique;

  1. Professional training from expert coaches supervised by Crossfit Clan Owner and Head Coach Tracey Magee;

    • Crossfit Games Masters Athlete

    • Crossfit Open Top 25 Worldwide - 3 years running

    • RPS Power Lifting – Current World Record Holder

    • Men’s Health Urbanathlon Champion – 2x

    • Champion Distance Runner with >20 marathons

  2. Programming – Our unique and customized training is focused on strength, mobility and metabolic conditioning.  Our programming will keep you constantly challenged and progressing, while keeping it fun for everyone! 

  3. Community – We are welcoming and inclusive.  When you are here, you are family and the support you feel will promote your success in reaching your fitness goals.  Our coaches and fellow members are here to support you and cheer you on. Come to get fit, stay because we're a family.

  4. Accountability – We program and train for performance because that's what gets results. All workouts are scalable and our group exercise format provides the incentive to finish strong.  Using our WODIFY system and mobile app, you can track your performance, progress, PRs, etc.

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