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My wife Courtney and I have three wonderful children, Ella , Hunter, and London. 

Athletic Background:
I played hockey through my teen years and then took a substantial break from regular athletics. In my thirties, I found running, weightlifting, then eventually, CrossFit. 

What Inspires Me:
I have been lucky enough to train under some amazing coaches. I have seen first hand how much they changed my life as well as others and want to pay that gift forward. 

Life/Fitness Goals:
I want to be healthy and happy. I want to be good at many things and always ready for the unknown. Most of all, I want to have the capacity to be there for my family and make sure that we can take advantage of every opportunity presented. CrossFit is a wonderful means to that end. Not only does it provide metabolic conditioning, but it provides mental conditioning that allows me to get better at struggling through hard times with perseverance while keeping my eyes on the big picture goals. 

Favorite Personal Quote:
"Buy the ticket, take the ride" - HST.


Favorite WOD:
Five rounds for time: 800m Run, 30 Kettlebell Swings (53/35), 30 Pull Ups

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