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My two daughters and two dogs. 

Athletic Background:
I played street hockey as a kid, and field hockey growing up. I didn’t fall in love with athletics until I was an adult. As a mom I saw how important it was to take care of yourself- body and mind. I started with a typical gym, got bored, and tried CrossFit. From there I fell in love with the sport and anything that involved a barbell. 

What Inspires Me:

As a coach, I thrive in helping people find their own power. Learning how to lift gives people the physical and mental strength they didn’t know they had.


On a more personal level - My daughters. I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve accomplished so that I can give them an opportunity to live happy, healthy lives. I think people in general are influenced the most by what they see day in and day out. I have to be proud of what I do every day, so my daughters have a strong role model to look up to.


Life/Fitness Goals:
I didn’t always love fitness- or even know about it. It wasn’t until I had 80+ pounds to lose that I valued a healthy lifestyle. After losing all that weight, I realized how much easier life gets. You don’t only become stronger physically, you become stronger mentally. I look forward to the “process” now of improving my fitness. My goal is to eventually compete again in Weightlifting. 

Favorite Personal Quote:

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. “ –Carl Jung

Favorite WOD: DT!

Certifications: USA Weightlifting L2 (& USAW L1), CrossFit L1

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